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Posted by Val | Posted in Senza categoria | Posted on 24-06-2009



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The wall of Silence: the abducted Freedom

Posted by Val | Posted in Senza categoria | Posted on 03-06-2009


Dedicated to Mr. Carlo Parlanti, an innocent man, locked up in a California prison since 2004

I am only a man. What do I miss? Freedom.
Among all the things I’ve been deprived of and had taken away, it’s Freedom that weighs heaviest upon me. Like a boulder. And it doesn’t matter that I want to scream. I have a wall all around me. A wall of silence. Incomprehensible. And not only this.

I am far away from home,. So far. My friends, my relatives, my family and my love as well. So far away. My silence, my longing for Freedom screams, screams in the silence of an absurd life that fate has dealt me. Too much trust in my neighbor. Too much goodness. I might have been stupid. But for this I ‘am serving a sentence isn’t mine. It isn’t mine because I did nothing to deserve it.

But the cold hand of fate has drawn for me one of its worst card. Locked up between four overcrowded walls, abandoned to myself. Or almost. But the walls are not only physical. Above all they are mental, psychological. Even justice is locked outside these walls. I mean Lady Justice, that goddess with a scale in her hand, which should be “equal for all”, everywhere. The kind of Justice that in front of the innocence of a man should do its best to give life back to him.

I have no Freedom. I am not free to hug my loved ones: they are beyond the sea. I am not free to find comfort in them. In a granted fifteen minutes phone call I can barely fight for my life.

I am not allowed to post on a shabby bulletin board, next to the latest version of the regulation of this cage, my Flag, the Italian Flag, that my friends, my loved ones and all the people who care for me, have exhibited in squares, together with a banner, to ask for Justice. I can’t. I am not allowed to have it. They rip it off, they seize it. And it doesn’t matter that the Flag of my beautiful Italy appears along side a banner in a stadium, where soccer fans protest blatantly for my release. I do not have this Freedom. I do not have it.

Although they prohibit it, I have kept one Freedom. The Freedom of speaking my mind. The Freedom of letting my mind fly beyond these old and dusty walls. Beyond the dry desert that stinks of hens that are bred here, beyond the violence and wickedness that a place like this, where so many men are locked up in captivity, brings with it.

Beyond these chains, beyond everything, beyond the sea.

You know… in this place I am also not free to have good health. It’s a neglected right, even though (shhh…don’t tell anybody, ok?) here they pretend to be interested in my health. I am not free to breath as an ordinary human being: my asthma, not cured, has halved my breathing capacity. I am not free to run, and I can’t really sit down for long: my spine is damaged, and my body aches so much that I can’t even remain seated for any period of time. My shoulders bend down, my back can’t support me anymore. I was a strong man, big and strong. And troubles never bent me, until now, literally.

And thanks to my abducted Freedom, I may not be able to be father either. In this place, they took away my Freedom and gave me a bad disease: Hepatitis C

I am not free to blow out the candles for my birthday: the last cake I was sent was printed on a piece of paper by 5 crazy friends of mine, who are trying to help me forget what I have no more.
But how can someone ignore he doesn’t have a life anymore? *(la foto è riferita a questo capoverso)

I have no Freedom, I do not have it. I have nightmares and disappointments.And so much silence. But it’s my Silence that keeps on screaming louder and louder. If you could only hear it…it screams, sfreams…screams so much. It screams every day, more than once, when I am obliged to suffer a humiliating count.. All lined up… Beware! And if something’s wrong, minutes become hours.

It screams when I must ask for permission to go to the bathroom, when I am obliged to have a shower in front of 400 people and guards, it screams when they seize from me, out of pure wickedness, pictures and magazines that my friends and my Love have sent me from Italy.

It screams when people deceive me. Some people have fun: first they promise you the world then they are gone, surrounded themselves by that wall of Silence, taking away at the same time a piece of my tired soul.

My stolen Freedom screams. It screams when I close my eyes. And when I open them again at the noise of a new day: waiting for a phone call to return to my fight. It screams when I receive a letter from my Country, when unknown people write me: “How are you?. We know you are innocent, why do they still keep you there?”. And I would like to answer them “I don’t even understand why this sick world keeps me locked up”. This world tries to take away my dignity as a human being. And this leads me to fight every day, every single hour of my life.

They couldn’t take away from me only one Freedom: the Freedom of being a good man, the Freedom of fighting for what I believe in, the Freedom of opposing to this bloody game created against me. I have no voice left to scream my Silence out. Sometimes my loved ones, the ones who care for me, scream on my behalf. I push them, I help them, I give them directions to address their voices and mine.

And that wall of Silence, sometimes, shatters.

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New Moon Official Trailer!!!!!

Posted by Val | Posted in libri | Posted on 01-06-2009



O mamma miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bene, sono riuscita a fare la Twilighters Pazza!!! Ma adoro i libri e questo trailer…. è fantastico!!!!

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